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From Belfast, based in the Algarve and as seen on TV in Unexplained Caught on Camera.


Formerly known as Crystal Dove Spirit Links, I have been working over 10 years for spirit.


I specialise in helping grief-stricken individuals through the pain and aid them through the transition from the loss of a loved one. I am your angel of inspiration, a positive path finder to help you from being stuck in the life you are living and changing it by offering you direction, guidance and action steps to move you forward and start living the life you dreamed of.

The Queen of moving on. Award Winning Internationally recognised Spiritual Medium Transformation Coach and Pioneer for Women. I am honored and blessed to be here to help you through the pain and transition from losing a loved one to spirit and also supporting you through any trauma you have experienced in this life and any previous lifetimes. Being your support system while dealing with the transition. Being a spiritual mentor also and aiding you in your spiritual journey and life path whether that's in my workshops or 121 programs plus offering guidance and support in any of my paid readings and other services. Source God and the love and light gave me this gift to help you through your time here on earth so please don't hesitate to get in contact.

 I am honest, up front, uplifting, and this is always what you will receive in my readings or my live feeds.


As an experienced spiritual medium, my role is to help improve your emotional well-being with each session. Whether you're looking for spiritual counselling to help you work towards clarity in life, card readings to help discern the pathways of your identity within the universe, or connect to those loved ones who have crossed over to the astral life.

I am here to help.

Have you ever seen me work? Either on Facebook live or in a reading? Wondering whether to book with me or not?

Let me help you make up your mind!

Psychics all work differently as they are required to.

How am I different?

Well, because I believe I have a team of spiritual guides who help me. I love and adore my spiritual guides, as they are an amazing bunch - even if a little bit crazy just like me - and who I have so much gratitude for. You will always hear me say thank you to them during a reading of any kind. It's all down to respect. How many psychics have you watched who NEVER thank where the information came from?

When I shuffle cards, I completely leave it up to my guides to jump out the cards and I simply relay the message.

As a natural card reader, and having my own deck designed and published, I don't go by the norm with what tarot or a card is supposed to mean in general. I can delve into a card and even the images change with my clairvoyance for each person, so that I can give you exactly what you need to know and hear.

This is why I advise that all readings are unique to each individual. You may book a psychic reading and it ends up in an energy clearing or a spiritual counselling session. It all depends on what your team/higher self wish me to help YOU with.

Everything I do is from light and love source energy.

That is why I call myself specifically a Spiritual Medium, because I am guided by spiritual energy at all times.

Hopefully this will give you a little bit of clarity.


Love to you all.

Please explore my range of spiritual sessions below. If you have any questions or would like to enquire about a specific service, please do not hesitate to message me on WhatsApp or send me an email using the information below.

Please be aware I operate a no refund policy.

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If you'd like to find out more about my gifts or book some of my spiritual services at Jo Spiritual Medium, please contact me today. I'm always happy to hear from clients and to help them on their spiritual journey.


I offer psychic readings and spiritual readings, and I can coach candidates who are interested in learning the art of oracle card reading, or getting a better understanding of their spiritual self.


Please do not hesitate to message me on WhatsApp or send me an email using the information below, use the contact form provided, or visit my contact page and I will get back to you shortly.





My services are available worldwide.

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