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 Empowerment Programmes

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 1-2-1 Mentoring Program







I know what its like to suffer, even alone and in silence. Believe me I have been there, done that and got the T shirt and I am here to tell you that YOU CAN also get through your struggles as I have​ 


How many of these are you dealing with on a day to day basis ? 


No energy, drive or ambition.  

Lack of self belief and confidence 

Dragging yourself out of bed with a fear or dreading what the day ahead will hold  

Feeling lost and that everything is a hurdle and hard for you to get over  

Depression, loneliness, sadness even suicidal thoughts 

That you are feeling like a robot and on autopilot with your routine 

​Not feeling good enough or worthy and not competent 

Feeling on the verge of crying at the slightest thing or sometimes even doing so without a reason 

​Craving for peace of mind once more 

Anger issues 


Do you realise that it may also not be your own energy or mindset that is making you feel like this ? 

It could be your empathetic, ( energy sponge ) taking on others or cosmic energies or your could possibly even have a spiritual attachment ? 


How we start  


We because for 1 thing you are not alone ( that is what you must remember ) 

We will work together once a week on issues that you are experiencing now and turn it into a positive 

Leapfrogging you forward on your life path and souls journey with a hop, skip amd a jump in your step 




We look deep into your energy field/Aura/Spiritual body and find where this feeling/mindset, even blockages came from in the first place, where its sitting in your spiritual being and why you are still believing it now 

These can be from trauma you have experienced as an adult or child or even something someone had said to you previously 


This is when acceptance comes in and realisation 

Once this happens then we can identify where we need to remove this negativity from and therefore being able to heal and repair that space that will be left because you have carried it with you for so long that you can feel an emptiness 


A lot of the time we can actually feel it in our physical body too because we carry it so long without removing it that it starts to show up as an illness, aches, pains, etc  

​Once we remove the unseen source of your problems (this is the missing link in healthcare) and only available as a spiritual perspective/aspect then we can get rid of all negative energies attached to your soul and spirit that have been draining you.​ 





You will also learn how to connect with your higher self, realising the Divine Masculine and Feminine energy that you have within you, Being able to have the strength you had before the world got so hard  

Knowing how to use and connect to your higher self on a daily basis and bring him/her into aiding your physical activities.​ 


For folks struggling with physical health issues I give healing on that specific area by channelling Source Creators energy/ Gods Energy and any of the Ascended Masters or light beings who wish to also help you 




I show you how to defend and protect your energy, detaching from drama, clearing it and therefore being able to seal energy drains or leaks you may have  


You’ll be learning a powerful daily practice for maintaining your health ( physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ) even after we're done working together, so that you don’t need to rely on me to continue to remove the source of your problems, deal with any new things that might crop up, and how to keep your Soul and vitality on point. With this extraordinary ability, they don't latch onto you ever again. ​ 




How to be consciously aware of your energy on a daily basis. We have daily affirmations, accountability and action steps to how you are feeling each day of this program 



You'll get voice note sessions and messenger support in between each session during business hours.​ 


To get the best results from the Program, you are:​ 


1) A spiritual person and have already tried various therapies or other methods of healing so you have an understanding of the nature of the healing journey. ​ 


2) Committed to doing the simple daily assignments and processes as I’ll teach you (which will feel more like drinking sacred healing water than doing "work"). ​ 


3) Responsible and eager to take back your power and own your part in what has happened to you in order to transform your life.​ 


Your Investment:​ 


The investment for this fully supported life changing transformation offer ranges between £1111 and £5,000 based on the weight of the case and needs of the client.​ Also available with a payment plan 


Basic energy clearing is on the lower end of the scale, but cases that also have heavy evil, witchcraft, black magic, curses, or demonic possession require a great deal more work and risk on my behalf ​ 



Given that this program provides a full Body ( Spirit, Mindset, Emotional and Physical) Cleansing and Spirit Healing for you, along with instruction in how to keep yourself healthy for the rest of your life, the investment is quite small especially compared to the costs of any future surgery, repeated doctor visits, psychology,  and prescribed medication let alone the time your missing out on with your family and your career  


There are limited Soul Coaches who are an Expert in Transformational Heart Healing who can work effectively to help you  


Your investment also covers the risk to me personally of removing the dark forces from your spirit because they are aggressive and don’t want to be dislodged. ​ Like taking a zebra away from a lion who is enjoying feasting, that lion will then try to attack me when I remove it.​ 


If interested and this is resonating with your being, know that you require this help and are ready to move on with your life then please send me a private message and we'll have a quick call to see if I can help you.​ 


I have room for just 2 new clients each month for this program so don't delay.​ 


When it comes to your wellbeing then time is of the essence.​ 


With your inquiry, please include answers to the following questions:​ 


1. Tell me briefly what you’re struggling with and how it's affecting your daily life ? 


2. How long have you been aware of the issues your facing ?​ 


3. Has someone else tried to help you previously ?​ 


4. What do you feel is stopping you from dealing with these issues so you can move on ?​ 


5. Are you aware of seeing any shadows, black spots, movement in the corner of your eyes ? 



OPTIONAL: Are you interested in faster results? Consider getting a half VIP day to kickstart the process. Yes it is a bigger investment but you'll get priority scheduling, plus you'll have my personal Whatsapp number for greater access to me for support, and you'll enjoy 11 hours instead of 8 so we can work on you to also be able to help yourself.​ 














Your Unwritten Story of Empowerment: A 30-Day Group Intensive Program 

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment alongside a supportive community? Welcome to "Your Unwritten Story of Empowerment," a 30-day group intensive program designed to guide you towards embracing your true potential and living a life filled with purpose and fulfilment . 

We'll dive deep into the core of who you are, exploring the beliefs and narratives that have shaped your journey thus far. Are you proud of the person you've become? Do you often question your worth, wondering if you're truly deserving of all that life has to offer? These are just a few of the themes we'll explore together as we uncover the layers of your inner world. 

Throughout this intensive group program, you'll have the opportunity to confront the limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that have held you back from fully embracing your potential. Together, we'll shine a light on the shadows of your past, allowing you to heal old wounds and step into the light of your true essence. 

But this journey isn't just about introspection—it's about taking tangible steps towards creating the life you've always dreamed of. Each day, we'll delve into a different aspect of personal empowerment, from cultivating self-love and confidence to setting boundaries and speaking your truth. Through a combination of guided exercises, group discussions, and individual reflection, you'll gain the tools and insights needed to navigate life with courage and authenticity. 

Outcome: By the end of this 30-day group intensive program, you'll emerge with a renewed sense of self-confidence and empowerment, ready to step into the next chapter of your life with courage and conviction. Here are some of the specific outcomes you can expect: 

  • Increased Self-Confidence: You'll learn to recognize and celebrate your unique strengths and accomplishments, leading to a greater sense of self-assurance in all areas of your life. 

  • Improved Self-Worth: Through deep introspection and self-reflection within the supportive group environment, you'll cultivate a profound sense of self-worth and inner validation, freeing yourself from the need for external approval. 

  • Enhanced Communication Skills: You'll develop the ability to express yourself authentically and assertively, setting clear boundaries and advocating for your needs with confidence and grace, with the encouragement and feedback from your peers. 

  • Greater Resilience: By confronting and integrating your shadow self within the safety of the group, you'll cultivate greater emotional resilience and inner strength, enabling you to navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience. 

  • Empowered Decision-Making: With the support and input of your fellow participants, you'll learn to trust your intuition and make decisions aligned with your values and aspirations, leading to a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment. 

  • Transformed Relationships: As you learn to love and accept yourself unconditionally within the group dynamic, you'll experience deeper, more meaningful connections with others based on authenticity and mutual respect, fostering a supportive community that uplifts and empowers each other. 

Your unwritten story of empowerment awaits—will you seize the opportunity to start writing the next chapter alongside your fellow ladies on their journeys today? 

If you're ready to take the first step towards a brighter, more empowered future within the supportive embrace of a group community, I invite you to join us for "Your Unwritten Story of Empowerment." Spaces are limited to ensure personalised attention and support, so don't wait—reserve your spot today and embark on this life-changing journey with us. 

The best is yet to come, and it starts with you. Are you ready to embrace your power and create the life you've always dreamed of within a supportive group setting? Then don't hesitate—take the first step towards your unwritten story of empowerment  


Don't let life pass you by without living it to the fullest while being happy in one's own body 

The investment in this group coaching course is £499 available with a payment plan  


Please send me a message if this resonates with you and you know its your time to write your own story

Group Coaching

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If you are interested in my mentoring programmes and would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me using the contact details below and I will guide you through what my mentoring programmes involve. I deliver my sessions virtually and I am available worldwide.

Please be aware I operate a no refund policy.

If you'd like to find out more about my gifts or book some of my spiritual services at Jo Spiritual Medium, please contact me today. I'm always happy to hear from clients and to help them on their spiritual journey.


I offer psychic readings and spiritual readings, and I can coach candidates who are interested in learning the art of oracle card reading, or getting a better understanding of their spiritual self.


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