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My Spiritual Awakening Programmes

Guardian angel

Guardian Angel Workshop

This online 4 week workshop is prerecorded and self paced during that time to cover each module. Working with Jo we will be cover connecting, communicating and understanding the energies of your guardian angels. Energies are all different and this workshop is a high energy workshop, understanding how strong or weak the connection to the higher realms are so you individually know whose energy is around, working with you and how they feel when they come close to your aura. Understanding names and images of whom has been with you, even before your birth.

This will be available in a private Facebook group which you will be added to once a deposit is paid, giving you 4 weeks to cover all the information and content provided as part of this workshop.


This workshop is available online worldwide and evergreen which means you can join at anytime

8 week Program
Create your own story

Awakening Your Spiritual Being Mentoring Program


This 3 month awakening group mentoring program is for those who know they are picking up on energy and want to understand it better.

Join like-minded people in a lovely and safe group who wish to enhance their spiritual aspects, with understanding your psychic abilities. With different modules each week including protection, aura's and chakras, knowing your guides and meditations to meet your higher self and know yourself better, plus so much more. Each class will cover what my guides require you to work on (with homework!) to help deepen your true understanding of who you really are as a spiritual being and how to use that understanding every day. 

This program is available in a group with full support throughout. When these groups are running, you can join like-minded people to join you on this exciting journey. Or, if you wish for a more private setting to make you feel comfortable, feel free to enquire about taking part in this program on a 1-2-1 basis with me. At Jo Spiritual Medium, I offer workshops that cover all aspects of spiritual learning, to know who your spirit guides are, connecting with your higher self, archangels, and ascended masters.

Step into Your Shine

To find out more, feel free to get in touch with me today to enquire about when my next workshops are running. Or visit my Facebook page, where I keep up to date information on when my next workshops will take place - this is only one of the many workshops I have to offer!

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